Indian Community in Tajikistan
Indian Community in Tajikistan

Indian community in Tajikistan

The largest component of Indian community in Tajikistan consists of around 200 medical students at the Tajik State Medical University. There are about 50 representatives of various Indian companies mostly from the pharmaceutical and hospitality industries. Around 200 Indian laborers are also engaged in various construction projects being undertaken in and around Dushanbe.

In July 2009, the Indian business community took initiative to form an Indian Business Advisory Group (IBAG) to work closely with the Embassy to promote Indian investments in Tajikistan.

There is a small but vibrant community of Indians settled in Dushanbe from various fields like International NGOs, Pharmaceutical Companies and employees of various fledging Infrastructure development projects in Dushanbe. The community is close knit and celebrates various Indian occasisons and festivals with characteristic pomp and fervour.

Indian people, who for the first time arrive in Tajikistan, are welcome to register themselves with or Indian Embassy: 45, Bukhoro Street, Dushanbe.