Embassy of India, Dushanbe celebrates first Constitution Day (26 November, 2015)

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Embassy of India, Dushanbe celebrated ‘Constitution Day’ on 26th November 2015 in the Indian Cultural Centre from 1630 hrs. to 1730 hrs. More than 100 Indian students from Avicenna Medical University and different schools in Dushanbe participated in the programme. It started with screening of films “Tanna Banna - The Warp & Weft of India” followed by “The Spirit of India”. Ambassador joined the audience in paying tribute to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, the founding father of Constitution of India and delivered a speech on the uniqueness of the Constitution and highlighted its important features. He also reminded the audience about the 7th anniversary of Mumbai terror attacks and paid tribute to those killed in these dastardly attacks and also those who achieved martyrdom while saving the life of people. Ambassador concluded the programme by reading aloud the Preamble of Indian Constitution which was also read by the audience simultaneously.


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